You may be thinking:

  • “Oh I hope this is not another place where I am going to end up wasting money and not find relief for my pain and stiffness issues”.
  • “Will Amit’s ReBalance™ end up wasting Or my time and frustrate me”?
  • Or “Will using the ReBalance™ system be difficult, confusing or even dreadful”?

These are legitimate concerns anyone would have. I have put together some information that I hope addresses these concerns:

You are in pain. Your body is stiff.

There’s no worse feeling than having to say “No, I’m sorry but I can’t...” every time you’re invited to a morning jog, basketball match, hiking adventure or even simply drinks in town by your friends or your loved ones, all because the pain you are experiencing is rendering you unable to enjoy life or do anything besides laying in bed.

At the same time therapy is costly. Physios are doing some great work but are in tremendous shortage. Appointments are inconvenient. Therapy length is unpredictable. Outcomes are uncertain.

Almost half of patients leave their therapy incomplete and continue to suffer in pain because of the unpredictability and inconvenience involved in visiting a therapist.

Millions of people live their lives bleakly in pain without relief in sight. Chronic pain not only causes just some physical discomfort but also leads to:

  • reduced work capacity and productivity (refer 1, 2, 3)
  • lost income
  • issues with long term memory and attention (refer 1)
  • Family and relational issues like social isolation, marital conflict, reduced sexual activity, feelings of anger, anxiety, resentment, and despondency in family members (refer 1, 2, 3)
  • emotional and mental issues (refer 1, 2, 3)
  • reduced life satisfaction and quality of life (refer 1,2)
  • negative impact on global economic activity (refer 1, 2)

What if we tell you that you DO NOT have to be a victim of your pain and condition!

What if I tell you that there is a therapy system you can follow in the comfort of your home that is so reliable and effective that you’ll literally feel up to 80% relief for your aches, pains, stiffness and mobility issues practically instantaneously – on the VERY FIRST day!


ReBalance™ is the world's first,

one of it’s kind pain relief system that delivers pain therapy at home through a real time, self-customizing smart software that decreases therapy cost by 90% and therapy and recovery time by 70%.

Easy To Use

Uses simple movements that you can easily do without needing any tools, except a chair to sit on.

Customised Therapy

Gives customised therapy based on the information provided by you.

Looks at the body as one unit rather than separate segments, thus reaching the root cause of your pain quicker.


Works on your phone, tablet, or laptop - wherever you are - at your home, in your office or your hotel room while travelling. No need to travel in pain to consult a Physiotherapist.

Fixed, low fees

Pay a one-time low fee for your complete therapy*. No need to pay-per-session for therapy which can potentially lead to very high costs.

24*7 Available

Works 24/7, so you don’t need to take an inconvenient appointment with a Physio. The software is ready to work, whenever you are ready to work.

Fast Results

Usually people see a significant improvement in their issue (upto 80% of improvement) on the first day itself. Almost every case that the software has successfully treated was done in less than 7 days.

Other Apps Physio ReBalance™
Customised Therapy Plan
Therapy Changes
Quick Therapy Modification
Low / Predictable Therapy Cost
Convenience /
Fast result / /

/ : Unsure outcome

How It Works

You enter information about your muscular or movement asymmetries in 6 basic movements by seeing videos and answering questions.

Based on the inputs given by you, the software’s algorithm smartly computes the exercise therapy protocol that you need to do to get the quickest relief.

This customised planning happens in real-time and there are no generic therapy templates.

The therapy starts. After every few sets of exercises, you are asked to re-check your musculoskeletal issue.

Based on your inputs of improvement or lack of improvement, the software plans and updates the next step.

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